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Gallery Library is a system that manages all items in your library. This full featured system will manage your books and library members with ease. Items such as books, CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc can all be cataloged. Detailed information about each book (as with all types of items) is stored and available for viewing and printing. A library membership database is maintained keeping track of the books each member currently has checked out.
Gallery Library has features for everyone to use. Library administration personnel setup and maintain the book data and can view/add/modify everything. Library staff personnel can view everything, print reports, add/edit members, check out books, but cannot add or modify any book data. The member/public users can view and list the books, but cannot edit anything. They cannot see any member information. One system for all uses.
Full details about each book are specified. Book detail information includes title, author, publisher, year, Dewey Decimal number, category, location (section, shelf, room, etc), edition, format (hard/soft cover, CD, DVD, tape, etc), pages, language, and a 250 character description. You can select which of these information items your library wants to use, and ignore the rest, making this system very flexible. Your library can define the location, format, category and edition lists with the desired entries.
Checking out books is very simple. Display the desired book, select the desired member, done. Returning books is just as easy. Type in the name of the book, click on the 'Return' button, done. In fact, there are two methods of checking in returned books. Try them both and use the one you like best.
Membership maintenance is performed by staff and/or administration perrsonel. Each member is assigned a number. Membership cards can be printed and given to the members. Late notices can be printed and mailed or the list of late notices can be emailed to the members.
Computers can be made available for the use of members. Members as a whole have a separate public login password. Each member can search for books, selecting Title, Author or Dewey Number. They can see if the book is available and what location to find the book. Members cannot edit any data, cannot see who has a book checked out, and cannot see any other member's information.
To learn more, you can view Gallery Library's full help text. Click here to see all the help details. You can also download a trial version of Gallery Library. Every feature is available to try. The only limitation is that you can only add a small number of books. Click here to download the trial version (GLSetup.exe). The passwords for the trial version are: ADMIN, STAFF and USER (For the three levels of access).
To view some example screens, click here.
If you have any questions, send an email to info@saukriversoftware.com
The Gallery Library software price is $149.00. This includes lifetime free updates, as they become available.

You can make your payment using PayPal.com. This is a very secure method of using a credit card without given your card number out to every internet murchant you do business with. The internet murchant does not see your card information. Simply click on the PayPal button and you will be directed to PayPal.com.
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