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Sauk River Software brings you applications for your Windows computers.  Applications to help manage your files, screensavers, and pedigree and family tree applications.  They are all fully functional and ready to use.  You can install them and try them out.  Theses demos are limited only in the number of records that can be added in demo mode.  Register them to unlock their full power.  Send an email to register/buy the desired application.

Gallery Library - Gallery Library is a system that manages all items in your library. This full featured system will manage your books and library members with ease. Items such as books, CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc can all be cataloged. Detailed information about each book (as with all types of items) is stored and available for viewing and printing. A library membership database is maintained keeping track of the books each member currently has checked out.   $149.00

PED - Pedigree software to manage the blood lines of your breeding program.  $25.00

Record of Ancestry - Family tree software to store, view, and print your ancestors and descenants.  $25.00

FSearch - Search for a file or group of files on your hard drive.  You can use this simply to find them or once found, you can copy, move, and delete the found list.  $15.00

DTotal - Calculate the total number of folders, files, and the space (bytes) that they occupy.  $15.00

SlideShow Screensaver - A screensaver that uses your pictures.  You can specify the photos or graphics that you have and like to be your screensaver.  $15.00

Colored Balls Screensaver - Free - A screensaver that draws different colored and sized balls on your screen.  You have options as to the design of the coloring inside the ball.  FREE

QStart - Quick launch from the task bar. QStart resides in the task bar.  Simply click on the QStart icon and a drop down menu appears.  You add your favorite and most used programs to this menu for a quick launch. $15.00

Phone List - Manage your contacts.  Keep track of your people, friends, and family.  Store all the information you need for quick reference, name, address, phones, email, categories, etc.  $25.00

PicView - View your pictures from your digital camera. Easily step through the folder of pictures,viewing them one at a time or as a slideshow.  $25.00

All applications require Windows
Prices are in US dollars
Payment accepted with PayPal ( or US Money Order

To register software or if you have comments or questions, email us at